Sail Trip Summary – 9/22/2022

Pulled up anchor at Cabrillo Beach at 14:58, finished mooring in Descanso Bay at 17:53.

Following a calm day of swimming, walking on shore, and trying to stay cool in the heat, we picked up anchor (stern then bow) and headed to Avalon with full genoa only.


After mid-September, Avalon is set up so if you pay for 3 days, you get the next 4 very cheap – all told it was only $200 to stay for a week, much more affordable than a hotel! We spent the weekend in Descanso Bay (“the outside”) on a friend’s recommendation, then moved into Avalon proper on Monday morning. Descanso was an absolute circus of speedboats with loud, unpleasant, and often offensive music, so even though the actual mooring process was more challenging within Avalon, that would still be my recommendation.

Avalon itself is a delight. A little resort-y, but supremely cute and nice to walk and bike around. The boating culture – even if not sailing culture – is strong, and we met lots of interesting people.


  • Catalina Film Festival and seeing a movie in the Catalina Casino
  • Biking the Stagecoach Road/Chimes Tower Road loop
  • Biking the Pebbly Beach Road/Wrigley Road loop
  • Wrigley Botanic Garden and Wrigley Memorial
  • Touring the Catalina Casino & seeing the ballroom