Our shortest hop so far – Santa Barbara to Ventura – marks the beginning of our summer plans, where we expect to be on board, traveling in the area between Santa Barbara, San Diego, the Channel Islands, and everywhere between, until it is time to go to Mexico.

Trip Summary – 5/31/2022

7 hours on the water, pretty hazy day. Wind not quite enough to keep the sails pleasantly filled – we need to fix the spinnaker pole and learn how to use the drifter.

Logbook – Santa Barbara Harbor to Ventura Harbor

34°24′ N     |     119°41′ W

Final dock exit procedures at SBH. 9 knots of wind. 48 volt at 100%, 12 volt bank at 90.9%

34°21′ N     |     119°40′ W

Wind not ideal, behind schedule. Motor sailing at 4.18 kilowatts, making 3.6 speed over ground.

34°18′ N     |     119°36′ W

Pointed towards Ventura. Sailing only now. 48 volt bank at 96%

34°17′ N     |     119°31′ W

Wind is a jerk. Motor sailing again. Making 5.5 knots over ground.

34°16′ N     |     119°28′ W

Wind is behind and weak. Still motor sailing.

34°16′ N     |     119°23′ W

Wind is still terrible. Still motor sailing.

34°14′ N     |     119°15′ W

Arrived with the 48 volt bank at 72%. Light wind maintained the whole trip.