We have purchased a Raritan Electro Scan, a Type I Marine Sanitation Device (MSD), and are starting to plan our install.

The Electro Scan is a macerator that also produces disinfectant through electrolysis, using a plate system that generates hypochlorous acid from salt water when electricity is applied.

The EPA and Coast Guard regulations mandate that a Type I device can not put out more than 1,000 fecal coliform per 100 ml – and the Electro Scan is less than 14 per 100 ml.

We have a few choices to make, but so far cannot decide what the best installation route is.

Three basic options

Approach Pros Cons
1. Remove holding tank and install MSD under port settee (where holding tank currently located)
  • very easy installation
  • no space loss
  • not compatible with most marina requirements
2. Replace the current holding tank with a smaller tank to both under port settee
  • Maximum compliance without space loss
  • Cost of new tank
  • Waste of removing an old but functional tank
  • Delay of getting new tank
3. Keep current holding tank and install MSD elsewhere
  • Maximum compliance with harbor regulations
  • Optimum offshore eco-friendly option
  • if installing in existing enclosed space, will mean losing a significant amount of storage space
  • complex glasswork and woodwork required to install it in the head to meet the device needs