The coastal conditions have remained high – high winds, gusts, waves, and periods – so we are catching calm enough weather windows for each successive sail.

Trip Summary – 5/04/2022-5/05/2022

27 hours on the water. We left in dense fog & stayed in dense fog until we were a few nautical miles from the Morro entrance. Many of the coastal areas like Big Sur, notoriously beautiful, were completely obscured.

Not exactly the conditions we would have wanted – wind tended towards too light and directionally indecisive, Charles got quite sick, but the boat did great in significant swell (10-12 feet every 8 seconds and 2 ft wind waves).

Finally getting visibility of the Morro, as the clouds were clearing and the fog lifting, was incredibly rewarding, and we were greeted by a family of grey whales spouting nearby.

Logbook – Monterey DMB anchorage to Morro Bay anchorage

36°36′.192 N     |     121°53′.186 W

Anchor up procedure complete in 3 minutes & on the way. Fog on horizon. Moderate swell. Large dolphins or small whales on our same tack.

36°39′.649 N     |     121°55′.285 W

Headed into fog, heading 305°. Still motoring, motor display is providing incorrect data, but motor still functioning. CL not well.

36°39;.347 N     |     121°56′.230 W

Turned south. Conditions changing, more visibility & lower swell. Lunch. Motor reading 0%, but 52.12v, still working.

5/4/2022 – 14:50 36°34′.900 N, 121°59′.279 W Passing Cyprus Point. Intermittent motor-sailing, when the wind agrees. 1 reef in main sail & full genoa. May shake out the reef. Heading 200°. Otters nearby.

36°25′.383 N     |     122°00′.622 W

Reef still in, rigged approximation of an offshore preventer using existing equipment. Course & wind disagree. Horizons foggy but visibility fine. Charles quite seasick. Motor off since 16:00.

Starting ND solo watch. Recently jibed around Point Sur. 12v battery bank at 95.5%, 48v bank at 80%

36°14′.008 N     |     121°54′.460 W

Heading 127°. Darkness falls fast. CL trying to sleep. 10kts wind, on a run.

36°07′.133 N     |     121°44′.500 W

Cold, wet. Skirting 3 mile line to stay winded.

35°49′.291 N     |      121°35′.323 W

CL took over watch at 00:30, ND back on watch 03:30. Shook out reef at04:00. CL productively sick. Fog is now rain. Heading 180°, full sails. Wind Stb Aft but inconsistent.

35°28′.641 N     |     121°10′.230 W

ND watch 03:30 to 08:30. CL very sick but did hard s*** when needed. Whales seen, small spouts and fins only. No Morro visibility yet.

35°27′.861 N     |     121°08′.544 W

Motor on, first use of the day. Inconsistent wind. More coast visibility but still no Morro.

35°23′.260 N     |      120°57′.505 W

Motor on at 1kW, solar keeping up with draw. 48v bank at 80%. Slow, 2.6kts speed over ground. ETA 15:00. CL asleep.

35°21′.657 N     |     120°52′.445 W

Final waypoint reached. Harbor Patrol stopped by with brief advice on crossing the bar & orientation to anchor area – super friendly. Whales on approach!

35°22′.018 N     |     120°51′.343 W

Anchored in ~15 feet of water, ~75 feet of rode.