Dorade boxes, while highly functional for venting air, drive me crazy on deck. Far too easy to catch a toe, a line, or some other hardware. Simple design but lots of potential failure points (i.e. a clog on the drainage can result in leakage).

We decided to replace them with Vetus UFO vents for their low profile and high functionality.

Process for Ayala

  1. Plug & tape up the interior of the vents so that material from the removal would not get through.
  2. Remove the screws holding the box onto the deck.
  3. Crack the very stubborn boxes off. Discover nasty black sealant & corroded vent tubes.
  4. Use Fein tool to cut off the protruding vent tubes (for flush mount UFO).
  5. Thoroughly clean the area.
  6. Attempt to sand flat. Get badly sunburned while realizing it will take far too long to get it flat with a sander.
  7. Use angle grinder to make it slightly concave.
  8. Fill remaining uneven holes with chopped glass polyester resin.
  9. Replace corroded vent tubes.
  10. Layer epoxy and fiberglass.
  11. Add gelcoat with our own color mix, attempting an off-white. Result is disturbingly blue.
  12. Purchase pre-colored white gelcoat. Cover with waxed paper & weights (evenly distributed by old vents), leave overnight.
  13. Sand evenly. Repeat #12 for small pocks.
  14. Dry fit vents, centered over the vent tubes. Mark & drill holes.
  15. Attach vent top with 4200, making a line around the circle (avoiding the drainage spots). Dip screws in 4200. Screw the vent top down tightly. Let it dry.
  16. Wax the new gelcoat and surrounding area.