Project Description

It is time to start choosing colors for our Drifter/Genoa! While we are definitely going to be doing our own coloring book to find our favorite options, community input is welcome.

Original Plan: Our favorite colors are blue and orange, and the exterior fabric on the Fairweather Mariner is navy blue, but we also like to stand out. We want to limit to 3-4 colors (including white), and fewer intersections between different colors is better.

Update: We submitted a few options to Pineapple Sails, and they said that they were feasible, but since they know how much we like color they also opened up a few more options. So now, we are in rainbow mode.
We are taking the visual impact / aesthetic into consideration:
  • When we are sailing, we will see largely the foot of the sail.  The head is far out of your normal field of view.
  • When someone else is looking at our boat under sail, they have a view of the entire sail plan.

The implication here is who are the colors for: us, or the “friends we haven’t met yet.”

We are also thinking about structural considerations:
  • The loads in the foot of the sail are much lower, so there will be less distortion in the sailcloth, which means having fun with lots of colors in the foot is not a big problem.  For visual entertainment/enjoyment, this is the area of the sail we will be looking at for days on end.

We are narrowing down, and still welcoming final community opinions!

Update 7/23 – Colors Chosen

Update: We chose the final design, and went to visit Pineapple Sails recently to see how it was coming along. Looks great!