It was hard to make the decision to leave Isla Partida – each new anchorage was magical – but Mazatlan has been calling our name, and we had a few small projects to pick up parts for before our little crossing to the mainland. So, back to La Paz.

Trip Summary – 01/03/2023

Pulled up anchor at El Cardonal (Isla Partida) at 08:45, anchored at Pichilingue at 16:05.

With light conditions predicted, I took the opportunity to do someĀ work work, while Charles did the sailing, cooking, and videography. I had a most delightful day, although I did not always sit right for looking at my laptop and ended with sore shoulders.

Our plan was to make it all the way to La Paz, but it’s challenging enough to judge the safe anchoring distance between boats with La Paz’s odd wind/tide conditions, so with the light wind we decided to stop again at Pichilingue.

Our good friends on Rachel Lynn used their iron genoa to get a bit of speed, so even though they had a more leisurely exit from Isla Partida, they caught us on the water! Full sails on both boats made for some exciting pictures, even if we weren’t going very fast.

When we biked to Hotel Cantamar for my birthday in December, the hotel’s kayak shack also had a sea plane – in the middle of a rehabilitation. When sailing back from Isla Partida, we saw the plane take off! Pretty good, disassembled to flying again in just a month. That was a highlight of the day.