This is our first New Year’s Day somewhere so warm and beautiful. Even after staying up late, the light wind called our name and we were off to the next anchorage on Isla Partida!

Trip Summary -01/01/2023

Pulled up anchor at Caleta Partida at 13:30, anchored at Cardonal at 15:30.

We sailed off the anchor, and with the light, shifting winds that changed around each hill of the dramatic canyon, it took us 5 tacks and a whole hour to get out of Caleta Partida.

We were not going far, so we rode the light wind in to our next anchorage, never going faster than 1.2 knots with full main and genoa. As we turned into El Cardonal, our friend Bob was already there on his boat Rachel Lynn and caught us sailing in “wing and wing”! Bob’s got a good camera and an even better eye, plus a shared appreciation for our boats, the Fair Weather Mariner, our favorite Perry boat.