Trip Summary -11/09/2022-11/11/2022

Left Bahía Santa Maria at 11:10 on 11/09, anchored in Cabo San Lucas at 08:10 on 11/11.

The predicted conditions came through, so we had two completely blissed-out days of sailing.

The first day had excellent wind (9-14 knots) from a consistent direction to let us stay on a run with the waves and keep our average speed above 4.5 knots. Dramatic clouds, with sun peeking through. A brief dark spell after sunset, with shooting stars and twinkling lighthouses on distant shores. Then a dramatic, colorful moonrise over the mountains off port.

The second day was warm, clear, breezy, and full of wildlife. Three turtles swam past us (one with barnacles on its shell), we got dolphins midday and at sunset, whale spouts, and leaping marlins putting on a show. At 16:15, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer, just in time for our first tropical sunset!

Coming around the “Cabo” itself at sunrise was spectacular, glinting hotels, the dramatic and famous arch, fishing boats and sport boats of all colors making their way out. The wind was perfect for us to sail into the anchorage, find our spot (close to our friend’s boat), and get anchored. We were both ready for a nap, but the thrum of Cabo and company called to us, so we were on shore within the hour.