Current Status

The Friendmaker is fully functional. Minor planned upgrades (still in design phase) to swap the two vertical poles with an option that stores more easily.

The two upright poles are difficult to attach and remove, and they stick out at a cumbersome angle when the trailer is folded. One of the fiberglass uprights broke in June 2020, we replaced it with with PVC that required some grinding to fit.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: 2008-2011 Chariot Cougar 1
    • made in Canada by Chariot
    • In 2011, Chariot brand acquired by Thule. 2012 and later Chariots are Thule Chariot brand.
  • Purchased: June 2019 from Craigslist for $36
  • Came with a wonky wheel. One wheel is OEM, the other is an unbranded one, purchased secondhand.

How We Use the Friendmaker

Projects, Fixes, and Upgrades

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