Charles and I decided to move to the City for a week. On Monday evening we brought the boat over, motor-sailing to make our after work / before sunset timeline. South Beach Harbor had some guest slips available. The marina is really right under the AT&T Park, the stadium where the Giants play. It felt like a home run could have landed on our boat.

It was a super refreshing change of pace. I would not like to live in SF long-term, but it does have a lot happening! I biked to BART and then to work on the other side of the tunnel, instead of driving. We biked everywhere in the City that week – an art museum opening, Peruvian food & cocktails with Pierre & his parents, roof bars barely shielded from the wind, etc. We took ~12 of Charles’ coworkers sailing – some of them loved it, others not so much. We let them take turns at the helm, and some of them picked it up really fast.

When the time came to head home, my Irish cousin and her friend had just arrived in the Bay Area, so they took the day trip home with us. It was a beautiful sail, if a little slow, because we were shadowed by Yerba Buena Island for the first 60% of the sail.